No one is perfect – that’s something few of us would argue with. Improving our awareness of who we are, helps us to better accept others and move beyond our imperfections. Of course, it’s not always easy to do on your own. But what if you could simply compare your personality to others, to get to know yourself better?

New social personality tests

Traditional personality tests help us gain a more objective perspective on who we are and how we’re likely to react in certain situations. They can be insightful but they’re also quite inward looking. Social personality testing – which allows you to compare your own traits and behaviours with others – takes this to an entirely new level.

If you’re keen to learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses social personality tests are the way to go. From the types of people you match with, to how your personality might be affecting your experience of life, they provide a new perspective to help you see yourself better and achieve positive change.

What can you learn about yourself through social personality tests?

1. The qualities that make you unique

Use social personality tests to identify and understand the differences in the way you behave and respond, as compared with others. This will enable you to understand what it is that makes you uniquely you.

2. Your emotional and intellectual blind spots

The differences identified via social personality tests are incredibly insightful when it comes to appreciating what you pay attention to and what you completely miss. Learn to recognize where you have intellectual, emotional and social blind spots and heightened sensitivity. This can be incredibly useful for managing your relationships, career and life in general.

3. Empathy gaps

Empathy varies from person to person. Some of us sense emotions in those around us to a high degree of intensity and others are completely oblivious. Those of us who are low on empathy can easily offend others without realizing it. We may also miss social opportunities that just aren’t spotted in time. Improving your capacity for empathy can give you a big advantage. Learning how other people see the world, what they focus on – compared to you – and what they ignore can be life changing.

4. Where your limits are

If you’d like to make better decisions, based on the real you, rather than who you think you are, then it’s important to get to grips with the limits of your natural abilities. Knowing your limits will give you the grounding for more practical and effective decision making. Not only that but it will help you to avoid wasting effort on the wrong choices. It’s often difficult to really grasp what “knowing your limits” means but the comparison to others that social personality tests provide makes this clear and easy to understand.

5. Compatibility with other personality types

Whether it’s working partnerships, personal relationships or choosing a business partner, you can learn a lot about the kind of person you are via social personality tests. Consequently, you’ll also be able to identify the types of colleagues, partners and people who can bring the best out of you, and vice versa.

6. Discover your hidden talents

People tend to believe that their personalities are fixed for life. This is a myth, that can lead people to underestimate their hidden talents. When social personality tests show how you compare to others, they can reveal strengths that you didn’t even know you had. For example, you might find that you’re much more empathetic than your partner or you’re considerably more driven than a sibling. Plumbing these hidden depths can open up new experiences and opportunities, from trying previously unexplored activities, to taking chances on a new career.

At the SPEAR Personality Types you’ll find a range of social personality test tools to build self-awareness for better life choices, relationships and experiences.

Try our social personality tools to gain a new perspective on who you really are, and the personality differences that drive your relationships.

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