Sentiment and tension analytics


Read people’s core emotions.

Sentiment and tension provide two core signals, that underpin people’s emotional systems, and personality dispositions.

Our tools offer human-level accuracy for short, informal social web texts, providing precision readings, on theses two core emotions.


Measure the strength of positive or negative sentiment expressed.


Gather indicators of relaxation and tension.

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Degrees of emotion matter

Whereas many sentiment detection tools are limited to binary emotional readings, such as positive or negative, we’ve gone a step further.

You’ll enjoy our emotional strength indicators, to help you better detect emotional intensity.

It’s important to tell the difference between a judgement of “ok” versus “AWESOME”. But more importantly, it’s mission critical that you can tell the difference between tension and anxiety, a much more powerful, and risky degree of emotion.

Mixed emotions

Sometimes, people express themselves in binary, good or bad terms. But more often, they express a range of emotions, with things having both good and bad qualities.

We’ve configured our algorithms to provide mixed emotions. But if you prefer a simpler measure of the dominant emotion, we can give that to you as well.

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Gr8 2 c u. 😉

Complex real-world language

It’s one thing to detect sentiment according to academic, textbook examples with perfect grammar and spelling. It’s another to detect sentiment the way people actually communicate digitally—with slang, abbreviations, typos, emoticons, crazy punctuation and more.

Our advanced text processing technology decodes the complex online communications, and scores their sentiment, no matter how they prefer to communicate.

Flexible emotional metrics

We offer a range of flexible outputs that you can use to analyse and score your texts according to your needs. You can either sit back and use our default settings—which should work for most situations.

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