SPEAR Personality Types

Discover the 5 dimensions and 36 traits of your personality


5 Domains


Energetic, curious, adventurous and adaptive with a larger tolerance for risky situations.


Analytical, practical, straight-forward, assertive, decisive, concrete and goal oriented with a focus on things and systems.


Emotional, compassionate, protective and abstract thinking, with a focus on people and relationships.


Traditional, routine oriented, modest, stable and literal with a preference for safer situations.


The speed and intensity, in which threats and opportunities, trigger an emotional response.

Grounded in the latest personality neuroscience

Grounded in psychology neuroscience

Our personality tools are grounded in the latest neuroscience and the most ancient evolutionary psychology.

Accurate and reliable tools

You’ll enjoy our suite of tools, designed for repeat measures, so you can track changes in your personality over time.

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